Meet Jen

Hey guys, I’m Jen I care about you and your sweet moments.. but mostly.. . I care about what your wedding day, elopement, or session feels like.

This is why I care so much about a relationship with you. So let me start us off.

I’m a natural born South African girl living in the good ole’ USA. Specifically, in Indiana. . I'm a wife to a smart, silly, and incredibly caring man named Josh. We spend our time eating tacos, laughing a lot, and creating relationships with new people.

I love 50 degree weather, pizza, apple crisp, and spending most of my time at target buying clothes because that’s my idea of high end fashion LOL.

How did I get started in the photo biz? Well let me tell ya… I’ve always loved art. I’ve always loved to paint, draw, sing, and act in plays and musicals. However, my love for photography started when I picked up my dad’s Nikon camera in 8th grade ( Totally a Canon girl now haha oops) and started taking photos. Ever since that day, I have been learning more and more about my camera each day. And now we are here!

More than my passion for photography is my love for people. I studied Psychology in school and have my bachelor’s degree. I studied Psych over photo because I value relationships so highly. I'm a strong believer that it's important to make a connection with whoever I'm photographing so that I can truly tell their story in a genuine way. And I still feel that way today!

December 2016, I started pouring more into my photo business until it was full swing full time Summer of 2018! Now I spend my days documenting love stories through images.

So now it’s your turn. I love to get to know the individuals I work with. From the goofy quirks about you to your deep love story, I want to know it all. Knowing these things about you helps me authentically document your story and bring out the authentic emotion and interaction out of you. If you FEEL comfortable with me, your photos will show it and be so much more authentic! So let’s get to know each other and be friends so I can document your story. If you are looking to make a new friend on top of getting your story documented, I’m the girl for you!

  • Jen